Chris Pareja's Livermore City Council Ballot Statement

I believe elected officials at all levels of government have an ethical and fiduciary responsibility to serve the needs of the broadest group of citizens possible. In our community, I feel that means fighting to: preserve our suburban/rural lifestyle; attract white and blue collar jobs to Livermore; and keep local control of tax dollars and planning decisions.

If we can accomplish these things, we can be less dependent on outside funding from regional, state and federal sources and spend less time commuting and more time enjoying the vibrant community where we have all chosen to live.

I have been actively involved for several years in political projects to protect property rights, create local jobs, fight legislation that is not in the best interests of Bay Area residents and hold elected officials accountable for their decisions. Previous experience has included running for U.S. House of Representatives, organizing a 9-county coalition to oppose Plan Bay Area, defeating Alameda County’s Measure B1 sales tax increase and others. These projects have involved citizens from across the political spectrum. Working together, we can protect our city, way of life and the community’s best interests.

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